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Life happens.

Are you ever really prepared to take on the many different things that life may throw at you?

I do not know about you but I know that life has definitely thrown me some curveballs that I had to sit back and really think about to figure out how to handle the situation. But after some time of weighing out my options and thinking about the situation most of the time I can figure out how to handle it.

Growing up and going through school I feel like life and the obstacles that are accompanied with life are not things that are taught or really talked about.

Who was taught about paying bills, managing money, balancing a checkbook or even making hard life decisions? I sure was not. Most of those things I had to learn on my own or even teach myself.

I was always told growing up you learn from your mistakes or that you will learn the hard way one day. Well I’ll be the first to tell you that is so true. I have definitely made some mistakes over the years that I for sure have learned from and I have learned a hard lesson with some also.

I will be the first to tell you I even made several mistakes that I learned lessons from while growing up. It happens, it’s life.

But not only are there several lessons to learn as you are growing up in life and becoming an adult, you also realize quickly that life gets busy and you don’t always have time to do everything you thought you could do.

You learn that most days there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything that you need to get done that day. You think you plan everything out perfectly and then “bam” something comes up and those plans get changed or it takes you longer than you thought to complete one of the things you had planned.

Life may at times get so busy that you go days or even weeks if not longer without speaking or carrying on conversation with someone you consider near and dear to you. Hey, it happens to us all I am sure. It’s life and life happens.

How many times have you realized you haven’t spoken with someone in quite some time so you reach out to them? Then when you reach out to them the two of you pick right back up like there was never a time period that the two of went without talking.

I have definitely seen that happen more times than not in my adulthood. But everybody has different things going on in their life at different times and at some point I am sure everybody gets busy and overwhelmed with the things they have going on in their life.

I have come to realize that sometimes just taking five minutes to yourself to relax and clear your mind can work wonders.

You don’t have to just sit there in the quiet, you can take a drive, read a book, go for a walk; whatever it may be that may be calming to you. Even going and doing something that you consider self care is always good for one’s mental health.

Life happens and throws you many different curve balls over a period of time, always remember you are probably not the only one going through something in life and it is always helpful to take time to yourself.

Brandice Hoggard is a Staff Writer at the Bertie Ledger-Advance, Chowan Herald, Perquimans Weekly and The Enterprise. She can be reached via email at

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