Let me ask you, are you interested in hearing what the citizens of Hertford would like to say during citizens concerns?

Or do we want to go back to 2019 when citizens were afraid to come before town council with concerns?

Do all of you realize how difficult it is for many people to speak publicly?

So why are you allowing council members to speak at the end of citizens concerns, criticize citizens who speak, take their concerns and twist it to the views Councilmen Jackson and Norman want?

Basically council is allowing citizens to be afraid to speak their truth because of retaliation. Councilmen Jackson and Norman think they can have two platforms, citizens concerns and council concerns. I guess the rules are different for them. They must be special!

Council is not allowing for a free and open democracy where all can share their concerns. I have reminded many of you on numerous occasions to look at the big picture. Council has allowed two councilmen to bully them into allowing them to bully other citizens.

Fix it…NOW!

Martha Borders is a resident of Hertford.