I mentioned a few weeks ago that I typically avoid discussing the NFL on these pages because it gets talked about plenty elsewhere, but after the games this past weekend, they have earned it.

Here are just a few of the things that I couldn’t help but notice.

Despite how statistically well he had played all season, when the pressure was applied Ryan Tannehill reverted back to making the same questionable decisions that drove Dolphins fans like myself crazy for years.

I believe the man plays with every ounce of potential he has. I also believe that was all the potential he has and we have seen the best Ryan Tannehill has to offer.

Cincinnati is advancing, but I certainly hope they get eliminated by Kansas City this Sunday. It is not that I prefer one team over the other as much as it is that I have no interest in watching Joe Burrow run for his life in the Super Bowl.

He got sacked nine times against the Titans. What do you think it would look like if the Bengals face off against the Rams in the Super Bowl? I’m guessing it would look a lot like Joe Burrow running away from Aaron Donald and Von Miller for four quarters.

There is a lot of talk about quarterbacks and understandably so. I’ve clearly been a part of the conversation myself, but we have to take a moment to appreciate just how next level these receivers have been.

What Patrick Mahomes did on Sunday was the stuff of legends but it was Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce that aren’t getting the credit they deserve. I’m not suggesting we give less credit to Mahomes, he deserves everything he is getting. We simply need to give more to guys like Hill and Kelce.

It was risky and unnecessary for Tyreek Hill to throw up two fingers to a defender on the way to the end zone. He was fortunate to not have a penalty and lots of people are saying so.

Can we take a moment to appreciate however the athletic ability and confidence required to “throw deuces” to a defender who is ahead of you with an angle? That’s a different type of fast.

I know a lot of people are discussing Tom Brady this week and the question of whether he will retire or not. This may be a shock to you, but I don’t have any special resources in the Tom Brady camp so I can offer no insight as to whether he will play football again.

In case somebody from his camp is reading this though, let me say on behalf of millions of football fans across the country… please go away. I’m so tired of hearing and talking about Tom Brady and as great as he is, I’m sure he’ll be missed. Problem is we may never know because you can’t miss someone until they are gone and he won’t leave.

David Friedman is a long time sports writer and lifelong believer that BLM. David can be reached via e-mail at fourthandlongcolumn@gmail.com.

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