MANTEO – Camden County High School boys’ and girls’ cross country teams won the Albemarle Athletic Conference Championship on Wednesday at Manteo High School.

Perquimans County High School’s boys’ team finished as conference runner-up with Jayden White crossing the finish line first (18:07 minutes) while Manteo’s Tiffany Fenz won the girls’ race (20:57). Both White and Fenz were awarded AAC Boys’ Runner of the Year and Girls’ Runner of the Year, respectively.

Camden and Perquimans boys’ teams qualified for the East Regional meet along with the top two individual boys Aldo Herrea and Zain Bhula both from Manteo.

Camden’s girls’ team qualified for regionals along with Fenz and Madison Flynn, both from Manteo.

East Regionals take place Jan. 16 at Northside-Pinetown High School.

AAC Boys coach of the year is Jeff Winslow from Perquimans.

AAC Girls coach of the year is Victoria Black from Camden.

All-Conference honors were awarded to the top 7 boys and top 7 girls.

Boys’ Results:

1 Jayden White, Perquimans County 18:07

2 Aldo Herrera, Manteo 18:44

3 Nathan Smith, Camden County 19:50

4 Dennis Gutierrez, Camden County 20:00

5 Jackson Nobles, Camden County 21:12

6 Alex Andrews, Camden County 21:28

7 Eli Gregory, Perquimans County 21:54

8 Zain Bhula, Manteo 21:55

9 Lukas Berry, John A. Holmes 22:17

10 Grayson Lewis, Manteo 22:28

11 Dylan Blalock, Manteo 22:29

12 Darnell Santiago, Camden County 22:48

13 Chase Forbes, Camden County 22:53

14 Logan Garman, John A. Holmes 23:29

15 Joshua Royal, Camden County 23:31

16 Luke Williams, Perquimans County 26:22

17 Ethan Dale, John A. Holmes 26:55

18 Jett Winslow, Perquimans County 26:58

19 Ty Nixon, Perquimans County 30:37

20 Landon Castle, Perquimans County 30:37

Girls’ Results

1 Tiffany Fenz, Manteo 20:57.00

2 Madison Flynn, Manteo 21:27.00

3 Keeley Williams, Camden County 21:30

4 Samantha Layton, John A. Holmes 23:49

5 Emerson Martindale, Camden County 24:20

6 Amanda Turner, John A. Holmes 24:39

7 Stella Sophia, Camden County 25:10

8 Morgan Brewton, Camden County 25:49

9 Victoria Royal, Camden County 26:06.00

10 Eleanor Edwards, Manteo 30:20

11 Itary Lopez, John A. Holmes 33:26

12 Michelle Carpiette, John A. Holmes 34:36

13 Erin Greene, Gates County 34:55

14 Heaven Tripp, Perquimans County 40:42

15 Carissa Baker, Perquimans County 40:43

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