Albemarle Regional Health Services is reporting the first COVID-19 death in Chowan County as the number of virus cases in the region surpasses 1,100.

ARHS said the Chowan resident was 65 and died Wednesday from complications from the highly contagious respiratory disease. The person was the 42nd to die in ARHS’ eight-county region.

Meanwhile, the case count in ARHS’ eight-county region rose to 1,110 after surpassing 1,000 cases on Saturday. That means the region’s number of cases took only about three days to increase by 100 cases. Weeks ago, it was taking at least two weeks for cases to increase by that amount.

Cases rose Tuesday in seven of the eight counties. In Chowan, the case count rose by five to 109.

Pasquotank was reporting the most cases: 314. Hertford County was next with 248 cases. Bertie reported 222 cases. Currituck’s cases rose to 69, Camden’s rose to 53 and Perquimans’ rose to 58. Gates County’s case count remained at 37.

The number of active COVID-19 cases in the region decreased to 185 after reaching 232 on Monday. Chowan had the largest number of active cases: 41. Hertford reported 36 active cases and Bertie reported 31. Only Pasquotank, with 23, and Currituck, with 22, had more than 20.

Statewide, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services was reporting 117,850 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, an increase of 1,763 from Tuesday. The number of virus-related deaths in the state rose to 1,865.

DHHS said the number of COVID-19 tests completed rose to 1,691,434, an increase of more than 27,400 from Tuesday.

The state’s positive test rate was 7 percent. The only county in ARHS’ eight-county region to report a rate for positive tests, according to DHHS, was Pasquotank, which had a 3 percent rate.

DHHS also said 1,291 persons were hospitalized with COVID-19, an increase of 52 from Tuesday.