Leagues in Albemarle Lanes are currently hosting their House League Championship with a little twist, and as of today, the team, Having Fun, is in the overall lead.

Team members of the leading team are Donald Spencer, Chastity Meads, John Bradley, and Lindsay Perry.

The twist to this event is that teams are entering during their regular league time, which makes almost all of the entry fee a contribution to the prize fund. The hope is to gain enough entries over the month of January to award a $500 prize to the first place winners.

In addition to the nice prize fund, the winning team at the end of the month will have their team name added to the championship trophy to stay in Albemarle Lanes, along with a picture of the team.

While only four teams entered this past week, there were four more teams which recorded scores that were higher than the current leaders, but failed to enter. I would personally suggest that teams who feel they can not compete in this event should reconsider and enter at least once. Teams may enter as often as they like, but can only cash once. The event will run through the month of January.

Another installment to our monthly Senior tournaments will be a Mystery Blind Scotch Doubles event at Noon on Wednesday, January 27. In Scotch Doubles, bowlers will alternate shots with their partner throughout the game. Bowler A will roll the first ball of the first frame and bowler B will attempt the spare conversion. This pattern remains until Bowler A records a strike, then Bowler B will begin the next frame.

The Mystery part of the title comes from how doubles teams are determined. At the start of each game, doubles teams will be randomly chosen by a blind draw.

This event will bowl 4 games and prizes will be awarded after each game. As always, door prizes will be drawn for throughout, and the entry fee is only $10 per bowler. Bowlers may enter at anytime at the control counter of Albemarle Lanes.

In weekly league action last week, a pair of 220-plus average bowlers did nothing to deflate their averages as Mark Tarkington went for a 246-723 and Chris Farrell tallied a 258-660 during Fellowship League. Tarkington and Farrell are now averaging 228 and 221 respectively. Chad Freeman’s 227-626 awarded him the top handicap numbers on the night with a 262-731.

Katie Simpson topped the ladies from Fellowship with a 231-592. Brittney Krehel’s 190-457 and Bobbi Jo Tarkington’s 164-434 trailed on Simpson’s nice evening.

Monday Night Mixed provided a couple of feel-good stories as Randy Cartwright kicked of his birthday week with an awesome 243-702 before claiming a tournament win at the OBX Bowling Center on Saturday night, his actual birthday.

John Bradley, making his first trip on the lanes since mid-November after a nasty leg injury, picked up right where he left off, splintering the racks for a 244-640! Welcome back JB!

Lindsay Perry’s 223-626 and John Turner’s 231 game wrapped up the men’s leaders from Monday Night Mixed.

Debbie Winslow’s 191-554 was top for the ladies from Monday Night, followed by Jennifer Willis’s 180-490, Linda Barrett’s 165-447, and Adeline Tolson’s 179 top game.

Terrence Riddick’s 219-589 topped the men from Martin Luther King League, just ahead of Donald Spencer’s 201-575, and Zach Farr’s 195-561. John Turner (216) and Travis Clark (204) had high games as well.

The ladies side of the MLK top scores found Sherri Norwood’s 179-469, Kathy Wheeler’s 178-462, and Brenda Marx’s 162-426.

All American Ladies reported high games from Ocie Manos (174), Patsy Sanders (170), and Mary Beasley (165).

Blanie Byrum and Flynt Willis shared high game honors from the Bumper Club with a top effort of 90, while JD Barefoot was only a single pin (89) from making it a 3-way tie at the top.

Bryce Hawkins’ 191-514 led the youth league boys along with Colby Judge’s 183-477, and Joshua Davenport’s 169-466, while Kaylee Winslow’s 173-505, Elizabeth Scaff’s 140-395, Violet Olds’ 352 series, and Cheyanne Hardison’s 134 game topped the young ladies.

The youth bowlers will hold their first week of a 2-week qualifying window for the Pepsi Youth Bowling Championships this coming Saturday. The top bowlers in each division will be invited to join bowlers who qualified in the fall to participate in the Coastal Sectional event in March.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!

Mike Hawkins is the bowling columnist for The Daily Advance.