About this time each year, the Outer Banks Bowling Association holds its annual tournament, and they freely open its entries to bowlers from other associations. It was that time again last week, which gave me an excuse to give my wife a get-away to the Outer Banks.

To my count, the Elizabeth City Association entered 19 of 53 entries in singles, 10 of 29 entries in doubles, 12 of 42 scratch all-event entries, and 20 of 53 handicap all-events entries.

As you see below, the locals held their own.

Local league member Jeremy Beasley took the single title with an impressive 795 tally, while Jevon Simpson’s 753 claimed third. Paul Lacher’s 751 claimed 4th, Ty Chesson’s 747 landed in 5th, and Eric Craft’s 712 was good enough for 8th. The field was so strong this year that Fred Hill’s 701 failed to earn a check!

Doubles teams didn’t show up until a little further down the list as John and Jackie Bradley and Dave Ange and Paul Lacher tied for 4th with matching 1442 scores. Other local doubles teams on the prize list included Woody Heckstall and Boris Beatty (6th, 1437), Jevon Simpson and Mark Tarkington (7th, 1396), and Steve Spoonnire and Jeremy Beasley (9th, 1368).

Former local youth bowler, and current OBX kegler, Adam Meads, took the All-Events scratch title with a massive 2107, that’s a 234 average.

Meads was followed by locals Mark Tarkington (2nd, 1976), Dave Ange (3rd, 1936), Jevon Simpson (5th, 1878), Paul Lacher (6th, 1876), and John Bradley (T-7th, 1875).

The locals were represented well on All-Events Handicap prize list, as well as Paul Lacher’s 2182 took the top spot and Jeremy Beasley finished as the first runner up, a single pin behind!

Dave Ange’s 2161 and Jevon Simpson’s 2148 took 5th and 6th respectively.

From the local lanes last week, Chris Farrell opened a can of dominance on the pins to the tune of a 268-732 to lead the men from Martin Luther King League last Thursday. Appearing from a distance in Farrell’s rear-view mirror was Garry Williams’ 221-621 and Randy Cartwright’s 227-620.

The ladies from MLK were paced by Brittney Krehel’s 180-497, Patsy Sanders’ 173-433, and Mary Hill’s 166-426.

Mark Tarkington continued his masterful season during Fellowship League where he posted a remarkable 278-752, just ahead of Garry Williams’ 267-692 masterpiece and Jack Atland’s 242-620.

Kaytee Simpson again topped the ladies of Fellowship with a 216-581, followed by Brittney Krehel’s 217-526, and Debbie Winslow’s 190-496.

Lindsay Perry was leader of the pack last Monday night during the mixed league with a nice 256-629. Kelly Gregory’s 228-536, Papo Perales’ 533 series, and Travis Clark’s 218 game also made the top scores list.

The ladies from Monday Night Mixed were topped by Debbie Winslow’s 180-470, Patsy Sanders’ 159-469, Bonnie Sawyer’s 161-431, and Noreen Walton’s 165 game.

Nice games during the All-American Ladies came from the hands of Ocie Manos (198), Sharon Yonek (197), and Mary Beasley (163).

The Saturday morning youth got in another good week of bowling prior to a number of them heading to Goldsboro to compete in the sectional level of the Pepsi National Youth Bowling Championships next weekend.

Ben Hawkins kept raising his average, now up to a 176, when he fired a 213-591, just ahead of Christopher Vinson’s 213-555, Bryce Hawkins’ 178-490, and Jacob Davenport’s 197 game.

On the young ladies’ side, Lindsay Porter topped all with a 170-424, along with Elizabeth Scaff’s 145-408, and Cheyanne Hardison’s 113-293.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling.