With the occasional rain showers the Albemarle area has endured recently, this seemed like the perfect time to remind everyone of the dangers wet bowling shoes present.

Not only will the liquid precipitation cause issues, but any other form of moisture making contact with the leather soles of your bowling shoes can be very dangerous.

Recently, Albemarle Lanes experienced some unfortunate plumbing issues, and when water traveled out to the carpeted area, everyone avoided the wet area like a 3rd grader during a cooties pandemic.

Anytime bowling shoes get wet, the bowler is sure to experience an abrupt sudden stop when he is expecting to slide. Known as “sticking at the line”, this can lead to serious injury and possibly land the bowler on the oily lane. This can lead to an embarrassing moment for the bowler, who immediately becomes a Youtube celebrity.

So how do we combat this demon of the bowling world? First of all, if you are open bowling and using house shoes, trade them in! No charge, they would love to do this. If you are a league bowler, either change your shoes or the sole if you have interchangeable ones.

The next thing is to invest in some shoe covers. Most bowlers have at least one for their slide foot, but why not go ahead and get a pair. Shoe covers are an excellent addition to a bowler’s toolbox and come in handy for trips to the restroom or concessions areas.

So, remember, on rainy days, be sure to dry your feet on the rugs just inside the entrance of the bowling center, and be certain to avoid anywhere the floors may be wet.

From the local leagues, without a doubt, one of the hottest bowlers in Albemarle Lanes recently has been Lindsay Perry.

Bowling on Fellowship and Martin Luther King league, since the calendar rolled over to 2021, Lindsay has seen his average on Tuesday nights increase from 186 to 190. That’s a nice jump at this point in the season, but on Thursday nights, he’s pulled off the nearly impossible of growing the average from 179 to 189; yes, 10 pins in just 7 weeks!

Perry was back at it last week, leading the Martin Luther King loop with a massive 247-717. Trailing only Perry, was Terrance Riddick’s 600 series, Eric Craft’s 245 game, and matching 224 scores from Randy Cartwright, Korey Gregory, and Donald Spencer.

The leading ladies’ scores from MLK belonged to Mary Hill (174-466), Kathy Wheeler (187-417), and Sherri Norwood (174-415).

Mark Tarkington did nothing to blemish his high average during Fellowship League, posting a 269-736 to raise his average to 225. Garry Williams added a 225-633, along with Jack Atland’s 234-601 and Raymond Casteel’s 247 effort to close out the men’s top scores from Fellowship.

Brittney Krehel’s 202-527 and Bobbi Jo Tarkington’s 204 game topped the ladies’ efforts from Fellowship.

John Bradley is another local who has posted some nice scores of recent, seeing his Monday night average grow from 189 to 195 since the start of 2021. Last week, Bradley led the men from Monday Night Mixed with 258-681 scratch and 274-729 handicap scores.

Boris Beatty’s 234-597 and Will Swinson’s 243 game joined Bradley on the leader board.

Chastity Meads broke loose on the ladies’ side leading all categories with 181-494 scratch and 250-701 handicap numbers.

All American Ladies witnessed top games from Maria Madonia (166), Stella Miller (160), and Sharon Yonek (152).

Blanie Byrum led the bumper bowlers with a 103 game, just ahead of Dominic Fisher’s 98 and Flynt Willis’s 82 game.

Bryce Hawkins nearly shot back to back 600’s with a 214-597 on Saturday to lead the youth, followed by his teammate, Brandon Jackson’s 205-567, Bob Miller’s 469 series and Colby Judge’s 197 game.

Kaylee Winslow tossed a 189-467 to lead the young ladies, just ahead of Elizabeth Scaff’s 157-428, and Violet Olds’ 135-327.

The senior bowlers will have another event tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon.

This time they will bowl for gift certificates and free games while bowling 9-pin no-tap. Bowlers may sign up right up until the start time. This event is open to anyone age 50 and above, no league affiliation required.

Until next week, good luck and good bowling!

Mike Hawkins is the bowling columnist for The Daily Advance.