Josh Hughes and Bryce Hawkins (left) defeated Bob Miller, TJ Miller and Elizabeth Scaff in a one game roll off, after a three game tie, to claim the youth bowling league championship at Albemarle Lanes on Saturday.

Albemarle Lanes crowned its first league winners this past weekend, and if the adults are as exciting as the youth, the excitement might be hard to contain.

A 3-game roll-off wasn’t enough for the youth as three quarter-winners came down to a 2-way tie after the initial series, given the option of declaring co-champions, the youth decided to settle the issue on the lanes in a 1-game, winner take all, championship match.

When the final pins had dropped, it was the team known as The Measuring Stick making up the 7-pin handicap deficit to defeat The Average Bowlers, 847-788 to take the crown.

The Measuring Stick included bowlers Josh Hughes, Bryce Hawkins, and a pair of vacancy scores. The Average Bowlers included Elizabeth Scaff, TJ Miller, Bob Miller, and a vacancy.

The team Hawk’s Favorite Children was the third team in the initial roll-off and included Joshua Davenport, Colby Judge, and Kaylee Winslow.

While the youth were determining their season champions, they were also rolling their version of a city tournament to determine the season’s singles champion and to no surprise of mine, the winner was Jacob Davenport who turned in a 200 scratch game and a 726 handicap series. Trailing only Jacob was Violet Olds (652) and Elizabeth Scaff (641) to take second and third place.

The youth bowlers will wrap up their season this coming weekend with breakfast and a behind the lanes tour before enjoying three games of Moonlight Rock n’ Bowl Crazy 8 bowling.

While not a sanctioned league, the next group to recently determine their winners on the lanes came from the Albemarle Senior Games. While this year’s games were a little different than the past with bowlers free to bowl at their own leisure because of the pandemic, the excitement of the competitors remained high.

Gold medal winners in women’s singles were Emma Evans, Charlene Fetters, Sheryl White and Debbie Winslow. They were followed by silver medalist Dora Brooks, Jeanette Hodge, Karen Green, and Patsy Sanders. Claiming the bronze in women’s singles were Louise Hill, Debbie Regel, Elizabeth Scott, and Donna Witchey.

Men’s Singles gold went to Starly Darnell, Marvel Goff, Fred Hill, Myron Simpson and Bobby Winslow. Taking silver were Guy Holley, Rich Reboli, Joe Reid, and Paul Russell, while bronze belonged to Gene Eason and Gary Lowry.

Women’s doubles gold went home with Emma Scott and Charlene Fetters, and Patsy Sanders and Debbie Winslow, finishing just ahead of silver winners Debbie Regel and Sheryl White and Dora Brooks and Elizabeth Scott. Earning the bronze in women’s doubles were Karen Green and Louise Hill, and Jeanete Hodge and Donna Witchey.

Claiming gold in men’s doubles were the teams of Fred Hill and Joe Reid, Marve Goff and Starly Darnell, and Paul Russell and Myron Simpson. Silver went to Gene Eason and Guy Holley, along with Gary Lowrey and Charles Sharpe.

Mixed Doubles winners were teams of Sheryl White and Starly Darnell, Marve Goff and Marie Sullivan, Fred and Louise Hill, Myon Simpson and Emma Evans, and Debbie and Bobby Winslow.

Silver mixed doubles went to Belinda and Richard Laumann, Trenia and Randy Marietta, and Karen Green and Gary Lowry. Elizabeth Scott and Joe Reid took home the bronze.

Albemarle Lanes will be hosting two Cinco de Mayo events tomorrow with a pair of no-tap events on the slate. The seniors will bowl at noon after a taco lunch being offered at 11:30. League bowlers and others will roll a 4-game no tap beginning at 6:30, with nachos being served throughout the event!

Entries will close next Tuesday for the ADICA-ADERJO Invitational Tournament to be held May 12, 15, and 16.

Entry fee for this event has been reduced to $20 per event and $10 for All-Events.

Complete rules and entry forms are available at Albemarle Lanes. Entrants of this event must be sanctioned members of either the Elizabeth City or OBX associations of USBC.

The recent protests and curfew took a toll on other league action this week with Fellowship and All-American Ladies having to postpone and MLK agreeing to a league-wide postbowl. Monday Night Mixed was able to get their week in as scheduled last week.

Garry Williams led the men last Monday, firing the lone 600 of the week, a 216-618, just ahead of Denwood Williams’ 593 series, and Murdock Spencer’s 213-578. Debbie Winslow’s 223-567, Stephanie Winslow’s 209-503, and Sharon Hoffler’s 153-399 topped the ladies.

As of the submission of this report, Tyler Hudgins’ 241-604 topped Martin Luther King scores, along with Steve Spoonire’s 220-590, John Turner’s 573 series, and Fred Hill’s 244 high opening game.

The ladies from MLK were topped by Amie Wallace’s 168-460, Mary Hill’s 154-442, Michelle Spoonire’s 376 series, and Leeann Gray’s 139 game.

Until next week, good luck, good bowling, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Mike Hawkins is the bowling columnist for The Daily Advance.