Well it is that time of year when all of the good little anglers are dreaming of crank baits and soft plastics under their Christmas tree.

I know what I want for the holidays but do you know what your angler wants. It’s really not that hard to figure out what they want if you do a little investigation in what they have already.

If your angler is a beach angler then it will be an easy day for you because even though they may have a ton of gear already there is still some easy gifts for the surf angler.

First you want to buy weights shaped like a pyramid in anything from two to six ounces.

It doesn’t matter how many weights they have already they can use more. Then you want to buy a lure called a Gotcha Plug that comes in a variety of colors but that doesn’t matter anyway just pick out a few and throw them in your stocking.

If your angler likes to fish for stripers in the sound then get them a variety of Mann’s Stretch lures in anything from stretch 10’s to stretch 30’s. These baits will cover the water column to match their fishing techniques no matter what type of rock fishing they do.

If your angler likes to fish for crappie or white perch then you want to buy them a variety of Beetle Spins.

When I say variety I mean white in a variety of sizes as long as they are white.

The Uncle Jessie lure is another good lure so make sure you pick up a couple of those.

Bass fisherman are a breed all their own with dozens of tackle boxes and hundreds of lures it can be frightening to pick out something that they may need or want that they don’t already have but it can be done.

This is when you look into their tackle boxes and find out what they like to fish with.

If they have a lot of soft plastic then pick out something they have more than one bag of and buy them another one.

If they have more than one it means that they fish them a lot and will go through a bag more often than others. If they have a bunch of spinner baits or crank baits of the same color and brand then buy more of them.

Trust me when I say that baits get lost more often than they say they do so if you get them a lure that they already have it doesn’t hurt to get a spare bait.

These are just a few ideas for you to use if your angler is looking for a present or even just a stocking stuffer so get out there and have a merry Christmas to all anglers.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore guys have been tied to the docks this week mostly with a few brave souls going out into the rough seas.

The few charters that did go out of Hatteras caught some good king mackerel while the boats that went out of Oregon Inlet caught tuna.

The bluefin tuna being caught out of Morehead City have been amazing so far this season so we can only hope when they show up here.

In the surf the puppy drum and mullet are still on the top of the list with fish being caught on almost any given beach depending on the weather and day.

Cut mullet and fresh shrimp are the go to baits with fish being had on long baits and right in the surf. Make sure you carry multiple rods with different rigs to insure a good day.

In the sound it is still all about the striper with good reports coming in from Coinjock and the Pasquotank but the kicker is you have to think shallow.

In the Pasquotank you want to go to Duke’s Swamp and throw a Smithwick Rouge and in the canal you want to go Rattle Trap in the shallows right next to the bank between the boat ramp and the houses.

The bridges are more or less silent except the Mann’s Harbor which is just starting to warm up.

If anyone gets out this week send me a report and some pics to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.

Mike Sweeney is the fishing columnist for The Daily Advance.