The recreational bluefin tuna fishing season has officially closed this past week and with it comes one of the most amazing seasons we have seen in a while.

The commercial guys are still at it but only for a short bit longer so you may see additional fish brought back to the docks it is still the big anglers that are responsible.

The regulations have been paying off with some of the largest bluefin that have ever hit the docks this year. Not only do we have the new Virginia state record but we have some fish in the Outer Banks weighing in at over 800 pounds dressed.

Think about the fact that we as humans are around 60-inches long if we are 6 feet tall but these fish are over 100-inches long.

The anglers from Wicked Tuna have been at the beach all winter long and they are still hard at it but even they are amazed at what kind of quality and quantity we have here right in our back yard.

It is not uncommon to bring a fish over 500 pounds dressed back to the market but we don’t even blink anymore at one over 600 pounds.

This is proof positive that the restrictions put on these fish have a positive effect on the fishery and if we follow the rules it will pay off in the long run.

It has turned into one of the most amazing fisheries in the world and people come from all over to try their luck at one of these giants so if you ever wanted to catch a fish the size of a small automobile then get out on our waters and give it a shot.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore guys made it out a couple of days with bluefin being on the top of the list.

Virginia had a new state record caught at over 700 pounds but the same exact day a couple caught one at 839 pounds gutted in our own back yard.

Great job Tomm and Laura Lee Dunn on their catch. There was a catch of yellowfin a little farther south and some makos also so for the middle of winter there is pretty good action.

On the beaches the only thing reported is some mullet and puppy drum down south around Buxton area but other than that it has been quiet.

The sound still has some striper action around the bridges with the sound bridge near Edenton and the Baum Bridge at Pirates cove being the two hot bridges right now.

Stretch baits and umbrella rigs are the go to bait’s there but if it slows down try jigging a swim bait right next to the piling.

Locally the largemouth bite is picking up with soft plastics, jigs and square bills paying off.

Some fish are moving up shallow but it is just the beginning and they will move back and forth for the next month or so. The big fish are biting trying to fatten up for the spawn so now is your time to catch a good one.

The crappie bite is also strong with creeks and main river points paying off there. Slow trolled live bait as well as small jigs are what’s popular there.

We have a new tackle store opening in Elizabeth City this weekend. River City Bait and Tackle opens Saturday and they are located on 1367 U.S. 17 south on the edge of town.

They are going to specialize in live bait, crappie, brim and perch fishing around our area so if you are looking for live shiners or night crawlers we have a new place to go.

If anyone gets out this weekend shoot me a report to or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.