Right now we have a great advantage over the largemouth in our area because we know they need a full moon to move up to the bank and spawn.

The advantage is that the ponds are ready to start spawning but the water in the creeks and rivers are not quite there yet. This lets us know that the bass in the rivers are in a pre-spawn mood while the ponds have already started to bed for the bigger fish.

So if you are fishing the rivers you want to fish the brush piles and stumps next to deeper water while in the ponds it is all about the shallows.

The moon is a critical factor when fishing the spawn because it makes the fish want to go shallow even if it is too early so it makes them easier to catch. This is the time of year for big fish and the girls are moving up to spawn. Right now the full moon is coming in this weekend so you want to put in an effort to get out and hunt the shallows for the fish moving shallow. You want to use a search bait like a square bill or a fluke bait till you get a reaction strike then slow down and search that area with other baits like a jig or a Texas rigged bait that will hug the bottom. These baits will pull the colder fish off the structure and force them to feed up for the spawn. They know it is getting close and the moon phase is forcing the issue.

If you end up with smaller buck bass then move out to deeper water and fish the ledges for the big girls getting ready to move up. They need the energy to spawn so they will bite and this time of year they are at their biggest so if you need a personal best now is the time.

What’s biting, where...

The offshore fleet made it out one or two days this week in between the wind and rain but they did well on the yellowfin tuna.

Since the bluefin season has closed they focused on the yellowfin with pretty good luck. The weather is the main problem but it looks like it will be clearing off in the next few weeks so let’s pick a good day and get out there.

The beaches are beginning to show some life with good sized sharks coming in at the point along with the occasional drum.

Sea mullet have begun to show up at ramp 44 so it is only a matter of days till the surf comes to life.

The sound has been pretty quiet but the large mouth bite has been getting better. The size of the fish are improving but that is not a surprise with the time of year.

The buck bass have moved up shallow and the females are close behind. Start shallow and work your way down to deeper water once you get a hit in the skinny water. The fish are moving so keep an open mind and remember how they move and you should do fine.

The crappie bite is good in the creeks next to structure and just outside the mark.

If anyone gets a chance to get out send some pics and a report to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.

Mike Sweeney is the fishing columnist for The Daily Advance.