Elaina Price caught a blue cat along the shore of the Little River. This catch was about 12 pounds.

When it comes to fishing offshore there are many fish that come to mind with blue marlin, mahi, wahoo and tuna just to name a few.

When you plan an offshore trip you have to keep in mind that sometimes it is better mahi fishing while other times it is billfish that tops the leader board. Right now as we speak there is some of the best tuna fishing on the east coast right off the coast of the Outer Banks with limits coming into the docks almost every day and it shows no sign of slowing.

Tuna fishing requires some heavy gear and if come to the show under gunned then you stand a good chance of losing the battle. If you are trolling and you have a 120-pound big eye or even an 80-pound yellowfin hit the 30-wide reel you could be in for a bad day. Make sure you have the proper equipment and tackle to handle the size of the fish.

The tuna are stretched out between the Virginia state line and down to Hatteras and are often seen breaking the surface chasing bait balls so you can cast big poppers to them if you want a challenge or you can simply troll for them.

Birds dragged behind the boat make a great start to tuna fishing with squid chains in front of them. Large chuggers that make a lot of commotion will bring a strike or two also. You want to make as much noise as you can to bring the fish up so keep an eye on your electronics as well as your baits. These are just a few of the ways you can be successful tuna fishing offshore here in our area and if you have never had a fish on the other end of the line that can drag you to the back of the boat then you are in for a treat the first time you get a big one on.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing report for the offshore fleet has tuna in the main headlines but there are also plenty of billfish showing up as well.

Jon and Jake Worthington got out on fathers day and caught a limit of yellowfin as well as two blue marlins and a wahoo.

Some of the fish came on top water plugs casting to the fish while they broke the surface. The docks are also showing off some decent mahi with some nice gaffers mixed into the bunch.

Of you ever wanted to stock up the freezer now is the time.

Near shore and on the beach there are a few mullet around as well as some pompano on the southern beaches.

The bait of choice seems to be fresh shrimp for the most part and don’t go too far out with your cast. The fish are pretty much right in the surf. The water is super clear and warm right now so fishing can be a little tough.

Try to focus on the high tides and find a spot with a good drop off right at the beach.

The sound is still on one of the best speckled trout bites we have seen in years but all this rain has moved them nearer to the inlet.

Look for them shallow in less than three feet of water and if the water is clear try to use a natural color bait like blues and whites.

If it has a little color then throw something with some chartreuse.

Gulp baits and other soft plastics in single or tandem rigs are the go to baits but if you take a popping cork with about a foot or so of leader under it that will score some bites also.

We also have a good amount of puppy drum cruising the banks also so don’t be surprised to find one of them on your line while you are out there.

Locally it has been a mixed bag with largemouth turning onto their summer time patterns while white perch seem to be never ending.

The largemouth are hitting top water baits in the morning and before the rains move in.

If the sun does manage to come out they will hit a soft plastic bait pitched to the wood. The white perch are in their usual haunts on the drop offs and creek ledges with Beetle Spins and Uncle Jessie lures tipped with shrimp paying off in large numbers.

Don Price and his daughter Elaina was out fishing the Little River burning up the white perch and decided to throw a couple of noodles out while they were there.

They scored some nice size cats at the same time so good job Elaina and Don.

If anyone else gets out this week make sure you send me a report and some pics to fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.