When Rick Perry entered the presidential race again in 2016 everybody wondered ‘WHY’!

Isn’t this the same Rick Perry that got brain freeze tighter than Dick’s hat band four years earlier and went back to Texas humiliated? So what’s happened in the meantime?

Had he gotten smarter since the last time he ventured out of Texas into the big time? Well, no-he’d not gotten smarter. As a matter of fact it quickly became apparent that he was even dumber than he was four years earlier prompting him to beat a hasty retreat to Texas where we were all certain we’d never hear of him again.

But like a bad penny he keeps popping up again and again.

And when the president stunned everybody by giving him a cabinet level job Perry had this to say-that he’d ‘finally gotten to where he belonged-in Washington, DC.

But the ‘why’ factor remained a mystery until recently when Rick Perry revealed that he believes God sent Donald Trump to save America. So, there you have the ‘why’ factor defined.

Perry is only one of the latest notable individuals to say Trump is anointed by God to deliver America. I said it shortly after the debates, but I added a different dimension to the narrative.

I likened Donald Trump to several Old Testament characters that God had used in the past to get His way.

What sets me apart from others who believe as I is that God has shown me a way to explain why I Know such things.

For instance I likened Trump as the modern day Jehu who is sent to destroy Hillary as was Jehu being sent to whack Jezebel and all the house of Ahab. Jehu was a stone cold killer who loved killing people. with the exception of murder Trump takes his calling with a great deal of zest.

You’ll be quick to notice that God sends as many sinners as He does saints to do His business.

All presidents and major world leaders are people of destiny for good or evil and God’s very aware of how they’ll perform.

I know the reasons but you’ll need to do the research.

Calvin Lacy


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