Republican Gubernatorial candidate and Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest paid a visit last Tuesday to Perquimans County to stump for his campaign.

More than 70 people including community business leaders and residents from Perquimans, Pasquotank and Chowan counties attended the campaign fundraiser at the Albemarle Plantation Clubhouse to hear Forest talk about the multiple issues facing the state in this election cycle and beyond.

Organized by Mary Cassidy, a prominent mover and shaker in Republican circles, leading conservative voices who attended the event included NC Senator Bob Steinburg, Perquimans County GOP Vice-Chairman Tim Brinn, retired Pennsylvania congressman Dick Schulze and Chowan County Commission Chairwoman Patti Kersey.

The evening started with an enthusiastic Pledge of Allegiance and invocation. Several people noted how refreshing it is for folks to show appreciation of the US flag and demonstrate their faith and values at open forums, particularly in this day and age.

Forest talked about several issues including the COVID virus, economic issues and bills in the legislature that have been vetoed by the Governor Roy Cooper.

With regard to the virus, Forest talked about the complexity of the numbers and how simply tracking an increase in cases can be a misrepresentation of the level of spread and the mortality of it. He indicated that certainly people in high risk categories need to be careful, but also talked about the lack of evidence that children spread the disease and that children should be in school.

Forest met with individuals to talk about specific concerns and took questions and answers. Many people expressed frustration about how the further a person travels east of I-95, the harder it is to get the details about political issues and positions in Raleigh.

Cassidy said she was very happy with the turnout and has plans to attract other top state contenders for top offices, a shining star on the map for aspiring Tarheel politicos.

“We are hoping to do another event for multiple Republican candidates including lieutenant governor, attorney general and several judicial candidates,” she said. “We may wait until after Labor Day in order for it to cool down and bit and do perhaps a larger venue outdoors.”

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